How to make an introduction to a report?

The report is a generally short text. It presents in an expository way the events that occurred in a certain situation or the very specific analysis of an activity.

To make the introduction of a report it is enough to present the topic of it and describe the situation in which it has been developed. If a news item is made aware of the events that have taken place, if it is a reading report, it proceeds to describe in an expository way the text worked on, the author and the central proposals of the same.

What is the structure of an introduction

The most common structure for all research work is the following:

  • Approach of the topic
  • (Brief) description of the problem situation
  • Presentation of the objectives and justification
  • Hypothesis of the hypothesis or questions of the investigation
  • References of the background and theoretical foundations
  • Description (brief) of the methodological framework
  • Indication of the action plan and the time of development of the objectives
  • Signaling of the difficulties encountered in carrying out work

How you can see the structure of the introduction of a research project follows point by point the same structure of the development of the body of work. The difference is that in the introduction there are brief signs of the content that will later be expanded in the general work.

In the introduction it is not enough to point out, there is to describe part of what will be found in each point. We can not settle for just mentioning the aspects of the work as this will prevent the interest of the reading public. But neither extend more than the account and exhaust the content in the initial presentation.

Finally, the development of an introductory text for a work, regardless of the type of text, must always contain information specific to the work that precedes it.

The idea is that through the introduction the person reading can get enough information to be interested in the work and continue reading, but in turn this information should be accurate enough so that it does not lose interest in saturation and abandon the text.

We hope that in this extensive article that we have prepared for you, you have been able to clarify all your doubts about the necessary steps to make an introduction. If you have any questions or suggestions, write it in the comments and we will gladly assist you.